Some say Tanner Bell is a little DIY obsessed, others say he’s just following his passion. Tanner has been a creative kid all his life. He was always crafting and making things. In 5th grade he was introduced to a electronic die cutting machine and found the amazing and inspiring online community on Youtube! Since Tanner’s family didn’t craft, he decided to start sharing video blogs of his creations with his outgoing personality, in 2010. That’s what started it all. Tanner created his first blog in 2012 as well as releasing a stamp line that he designed and had manufactured. He designed over 40 sets over an almost two year period. Tanner then decided he wanted to focus on solely developing online content and put his stamp company on hold. He started working with brands developing video content and in 2013 teamed up with Courtney to launch A Little Craft In Your Day. Fast forward to 2015, the website is still rapidly growing and they are generating new content each week. They are lucky enough to have amazing brand partners that believe in the same thing they do: inspiring millennials to create.